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This podcast series & blog is inspired by the life of John Peel (1939-2004).

John reached millions of people around the world with his 40 plus years of broadcasting that was carried on the BBC, BBC World Service and countless subscribing radio stations the globe over. You could hear Peel everywhere from mainland Europe, India, Africa to the USA and of course all over the British Isles.

You'll be able to listen to everything great I get my hands on, from studio tracks, private live recordings, online only exclusives to forgotten vinyl gems.

The point is to allow people to listen to great music regardless of commercial intent. Peelie was too modest to want a show dedicated to him. It's always about the music. So from Lawrence, KS to everywhere we can possibly reach, let us remember what it's like to play music without boundaries and restrictions.

If you have the time please leave
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song you love, please use
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Always support the music.


Michael Stoecker,
Lawrence, KS, USA


Podcasts and other files should stay up until the end of time. If there is a broken link, please tell me. It is not the intent of this website to steal from anyone. If you wish for a MP3 to be taken down, just ask and it will be done.
Thank you.

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A great blog about music in general, but focuses on Peel quite a bit.

Also, if you have the P2P program Soulseek and wish to grab/share/offer John Peel material with me. I have two accounts, a primary account under "stoecker" and a secondary account under "michstoecker". Right now I probably have about 500 hours of Peel recordings that I'm sharing with everyone.
That said, you can not be abusive and try to dl everything.


Film and Video Production.

My old radio station. It's still playing the best music on the airwaves.

A great music blog.

KCUR's Sonic Spectrum

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DOWNLOAD EPISODE 33 MP3 HERE (160kbps 95mb)

Thee Oh Sees - Ruby Go Home [2009]
Album: Help [In The Red Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

The Dutchess & The Duke - When You Leave My Arms [2009]
Album: Sunrise/Sunset [Hardly Art]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Monta At Odds - Faith [2008]
Album: Gringo [MontaMusic Records]
Website - Buy Ithe Here

A Place To Bury Strangers - Deadbeat [2009]
Album: Exploding Head [Mute Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home [2009]
Album: Up From Below [Vagrant Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

The Presidents - Which Way [197x]
Deluxe 7"
Reissued: V/A - Crash Of Thunder (Rare Funk & Soul From The King Labels) [Vampi Soul]
Buy It Here.

Thomas Function - Belly of the Beast [2009]
Album: In The Valley of Sickness [Fat Possum]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Dethbridge in Lethbridge [2009]
Album: Hometowns [Saddle Creek]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Johnny Flynn - Tickle Me Pink [2008]
Album: A Larum [Lost Highway Records]
His Website - Buy It Here.

The Kinetiks - Chemical Sunset [2009]
Album: Science Is Magic [Self Released]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Fuck Buttons - Space Mountain [2009]
Album: Tarot Sport [ATP Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Abner Jay - I'm So Depressed [19xx]
Mississippi 7" [MR-038]
Buy It Here.

The Perils - Hate [1966]
Velva 7" [7484]
V/A - Now Hear This! Garage & Beat From The Norman Petty Vaults
Buy It Here.

Ludus - (Pride Below The Navel) Vagina Gratitude [1982]
John Peel Session (Recorded August 4th, 1982)
No Commercial Release

Black Randy & The Metrosquad - San Francisco [1979]
Album: Pass The Dust, I Think I'm Bowie [Dangerhouse Records]
Reissued by Vinyl Countdown Records
Buy It Here.

Lykke Li - After Laughter (Comes Tears) [2009]
Rhino 7" Split with El Perro Del Mar
Her Website - Buy It Here

Baby Neal & The Smart Brothers - I've Got a Funny Feeling [1966]
Smart's Palace 7"
Reissued: V/A - Eccletic Soul: Smart's Palace [Numero Group]
Buy It Here.

Sunset - Sunshine Hair [2009]
Album: Gold Dissolves To Gray [Autobus Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Mi & L'au - Bingo [2009]
Album: Good Morning Jokers [Borne Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Surf City - Headin' Inside [2008]
EP: Surf City [Morr Music Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Marvin - Noise Olympique [2009]
MP3 Release: V/A - Tribute To John Peel Volume 8
Download It Here. - Band Website.

Human Highway - All Day [2008]
Album: Moody Motorcycle [Suicide Squeeze Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

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Jimmy Murphy - We Live a Long, Long Time [1951]
78rpm RCA Victor
Reissued: Sixteen Tons of Rock & Roll
Buy it Here.

{{{Sunset}}} - Dear Friend (Falling Domino) [2008]
Album: The Glowing City
Buy it Here.

Negativland - Perfect Scrambled Eggs [1987]
Compilation: Potatoes: Folk Songs From Ralph Records
Out of Print.

CPC Gangbangs - Teenage Crimewave [2007]
Album: Mutilation Nation
Buy it Here.

Anandji & Kalyanji Shah - Ganges a Go-Go [1999]
Compiled and remixed by Dan the Automator & DJ Shadow
Album: Bombay the Hard Way
Buy it here.

Alton Ellis & The Flames - Dance Crasher [1966]
Treasure Isle 7"
Reissued: Be True to Yourself: The Early Years
Buy it here.

The Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal [2008]
Album: S/T
Buy it Here.

Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause - Man in Love [2008]
Album: The Rustic Contemporary Sounds of ...
Buy it Here.

The Crumb Brothers - Seat in the Kingdom [19??]
Compilaton LP: Life is a Problem
Buy it Here.

Portishead - Deep Water [2008]
Album: Third
Buy it Here.

Abe Vigoda - Endless Sleeper [2008]
Album: Skeleton
Buy it Here.

Fallen World - Color Coded System (Epsilon Remix) [2007]
12" Epsilon/Maladroit "Dance Like You´re Spelling Gurdjieff"
Buy it Here.

Genghis Tron - Endless Teeth [2008]
Album: Board Up the House
Buy it here.

The Evil - I'm Movin' On [1966]
7" Norton Split w/ The Montells
Buy it Here.

Santogold vs Diplo - The Guns of Brooklyn [2008]
/ The Dixie Cups - Iko Iko (Diplo remix)
Album: Top Ranking Santogold - A Diplo Dub
Buy it Here.

Giant Sand - The Desperate Kingdom of Love [2008]
Album: proVISIONS
Buy it Here.

The Wilders - Someone's Got To Pay [2008]
Album: Someone's Got To Pay
Buy it Here.

Dion McGregor - The Great Waltz Party [1964]
Album: Dion McGregor Dreams Again
Buy it Here.

Pissed Jeans - I'm Turning Now [2007]
Album: Hope For Men
Buy it Here.

The French - Punk Rock's Going To Die [2003]
Recorded July 3, 2003 John Peel Session
No Commercial Release Available

Tom Dutson - Lil' School Song [195?]
Compilation LP: Life is a Problem
Buy it Here.

Alton Ellis & Eddy Perkins - We're Going Rollin' [196?]
Reissued: Nuclear Weapon: Duke Reid The Trojan
Buy it here.

Direct download: The_Yank_Sizzler_032.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:25pm CDT

Well I'm finally off me duff and have another episode out in addition to the Tom Waits themed episode that I just finished as well. There is unabashedly cool new stuff from High Places, Vivian Girls, The Black Angels and Ad Astra Per Aspera.

Remember, Pandas will reproduce more often if they know you are listening to the Yank Sizzler Podcast.

Download The Yank Sizzler Podcast 031 HERE.

The Songlist :

Crystal Castles - Xxzxcuzx Me [2008]
Album: S/T
Buy the Album Here.

The Black Angels - Doves [2008]
Album: Directions To See A Ghost
Buy the Album Here.

Sonic Chicken 4 - Sexiest [2007]
Album: S/T
Buy the Album Here.

Taken By Trees - Hours Pass Like Centuries [2007]
Album: Open Field
Buy the Album Here.

Dark Meat - Freedom Ritual [2006]
Album: Universal Indians
Buy the Album Here.

Vinicio Capossela - Il Ballo di San Vito [2003]
Album: L' Indispensabile: Best of Vinicio Capossela
Buy the Album Here.

Mammoth Life - To Suffer For Passion [2007]
Album: Kaleidoscopic Art Pop
Buy the Album Here.

High Places - Sandy Feat (7" Version) [2007]
S/T 7" (Out of Print)
Buy the MP3 here.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing - Old Skool's Getting Old [2007]
Compilation: KJHK Farm Fresh Sounds (Winter 2007)
Out of Print.
But you can download the whole album here.

Sister Nancy - Gwan A School [1982]
Album: One Two (Out of Print)
Buy the MP3 Album Here.

Blind Willie Johnson - Mother's Children Have a Hard Time [1927]
78 RPM
Download the free MP3 here.

Isobel Campbell - Loving Hannah [2006]
Album: Milk White Sheets
Buy the Album Here.

Belle & Sebastian - Nothing In the Silence (John Peel Session) [2001]
John Peel Session May 11, 2001.
Never Officially Released.

Blood On the Wall - Junkeee...Julieee [2008]
Album: Liferz
Buy the Album Here.

A Place To Bury Strangers - Missing You [2007]
Album: S/T
Buy the Album Here.

Ad Astra Per Aspera - Danger Bird Blues [2008]
Love Garden Records 7"
Buy the 7" Here.

King Khan & The Shrines - Torture - [2008]
Album: The Supreme Genius of...
Buy the Album Here.

Vivian Girls - All of The Time [2008]
Album: S/T
Out of Print - But In The Red will be re-releasing it in the fall.

Harry Feinberg - It All Depends On You [2000]
Short Film: A Portrait of Harry (Dir. Thomas Trail)
DVD: The Best of Resfest Vol. 1
Buy the DVD Here.

Direct download: The_Yank_Sizzler_031.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:42pm CDT

Podcast Special on Tom Waits I was incredibly lucky and got to finally see Tom Waits play last week. I took in two shows. The first in Tulsa at the Brady Theatre and the second at the majestic Fox Theatre in St. Louis. Marvelous times and the experience inspired me to do a full episode dedicated to the man himself. Check it out as we hear his best studio recordings, live concerts and radio sessions. I hope you enjoy this treasure of a man as much as I do.

Photo by Anton Corbijn.

Download the MP3 PODCAST HERE.

Tom Waits - Nirvana (Charles Bukowski) [2006]
Album: Orphans Boxset
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - Yesterday is Here [1987]
Album: Frank's Wild Years
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - San Diego Serenade (Live 1976)
Recorded Dec. 14, 1976 for Vin Scelsa's Radio Show
Idiot's Delight on WNEW FM NYC
Not Available Commercially

Tom Waits - Tom Traubert's Blues / Waltzing Matilda (Live 1979)
Recorded May 2, 1979 State Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Not Available Commercially

Tom Waits - What Keeps Mankind Alive? [1985]
Compilation: Lost in the Stars - A Tribute to Kurt Weill
Re-released: Orphans Boxset
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - Midtown (instrumental) [1985]
Album: Rain Dogs
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - Goin Out West [1992]
Album: Bone Machine
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones [1983]
Album: Swordfishtrombones
Buy it Here.

Allen Ginsburg & Tom Waits - America / Closing Time [1996]
Unofficial Release.
Get it here.

Tom Waits - Just the Right Bullets [1993]
        - Black Box Theme
        - That's the Way (Words by William S. Burroughs)
Album: Black Rider
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus (Live 1999)
                  - Tango Till They're Sore
                  - In the Colosseum
        - The Heart of Saturday Night
Recorded July 24, 1999 Teatro Comunale, Florence, Italy.
Not Available Commercially.

Tom Waits - Innocent When You Dream (78) [1987]
Album: Frank's Wild Years
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - I Don't Wanna Grow Up [1992]
Album: Bone Machine
Buy it Here.

Tom Waits - Children's Story (from Georg Buchner's Woyzeck) [2006]
Album: Orphans Boxset
Buy it Here.

Direct download: The_Yank_Sizzler_-_Tom_Waits_Special.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:59pm CDT

The Yank Sizzler 30! I am resurrected. The Yank Sizzler shall not "podfade" & you may spread that word as truth.

I finally got a new episode done. It's chock full of amazing music so give it a try in its handy carryall MP3 style. Listen to it on a long walk, or while preparing a yummy dish for dinner, or maybe while lusting over your neighbors wife. All aplications apply.

PS - I got to meet Kid Koala and he's the nicest of fellas. Signed this here postcard for me.

Download it here - The Yank Sizzler 30 (MP3)

The Playlist -

Mac Group
- Liverpool [19??]
Compilation: The Dakar Sound Vol. 2
Buy It Here.

Jeffrey Lewis - I Ain't Thick It's Just A Trick [2007]
Album: 12 Crass Songs
Buy It Here.

Pylon - Precaution [1980]
Album: Gyrate...Plus!
Buy it here.

Modeselektor - Happy Birthday [2007]
Album: Happy Birthday
Buy It Here.

El Perro Del Mar - Glory to the World [2008]
Album: From The Valley To The Stars
Buy It Here.

James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World [1966]
King Records 7"
Rereleased: All Time Greatest Hits
Buy It Here.

Elton Motello - Jet Boy Jet Girl [1977]
7" Vogue Single
Album: Victim of Time [1980]
Buy It Here.

Springer & The Barons - Don't Play That Song [19??]
Compilation: Vintage Spouge, Vol. 2
Out of Print (But dl the song below)

Kid Koala - Moon River (live)
Recorded live March 29th, 2003 The Knitting Factory, NYC.
No Commercial Release Available

DJ Shadow / Cut Chemist - untitled hidden track [2007]
Album: The Hard Sell
Original is Out of Print. But an "Encore" release can bought here.

Ivor Cutler - Spreadeagled / Slut [1993]
John Peel Session Nov. 16th, 1993.
No Commercial Release Available.

Thunderous Olympian - Web 2.0 [2007]
Compilation: KJHK Farm Fresh Sounds Winter 2007
No Commercial Release Available.
(But the whole album is for download below.)
Thunderous Olympian Myspace

Krampfhaft - Secret Handshake [2008]
Compilation: No Time To Waste
Free Download Here.

DaFruzler - People Want More Grindcore...[2008]
Compilation: No Time To Waste
Free Download Here.

Mammoth Life - At Once [2007]
Album: Kaleidoscopic Art Pop
Buy It Here.
Their Myspace.

Sons & Daughters - The Bell [2008]
Album: This Gift
Buy It Here.

Wareika Hill Sounds - Joseph C [2007]
Album: S/T
Buy it here.

Hank Williams - Ramblin' Man [1951]
Album: The Best Of...
Buy It Here.

Moby Dick - The opening prose... [1948]
Decca 10" Moby Dick
Out of Print
Direct download: TheYankSizzler30.mp3
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Finally, I can breath from under the recent workload and get my act together so that I can put out an awesome podcast, and what better day than Oct. 11th, Keep It Peel Day.

This show really did come together marvelously. Please enjoy it or I'll be sad.

Playlist -

The Vigilantes - Man in Space [1961]
LP Compilation: Loose Ends
Out of Print

The Black Lips - Step Right Up [2007]
Album: Good Bad Not Evil
Buy the album here.

Maladroit - I Kill D's [2006]
12" - Ketacore 002
Buy the EP here.

PJ Harvey - White Chalk [2007]
Album: White Chalk
Buy the album here.

Bearsuit - Foxy Boxer [2007]
Album: OH:IO
Buy the album here.

Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation [2007]
Album: Attack Decay Sustain Release
Buy the album here.

Sibylle Baier - Tonight [1970-73]
Album: Colour Green
Buy the album here.

Wareika Hill Sounds - Coconut Head Special [2007]
Album: S/T
Buy the album here.

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
- How Could I Be Such a Fool [1966]
Album: Freak Out
Buy the album here.

Luis Russell & His Orchestra - The (New) Call of the Freaks [1929]
Compilation: Down in the Basement: Joe Bussard's Vintage 78's
Buy the comp here.

knifehandchop - cut from John Peel Session mix [2003]
Recorded for John Peel Show. Broadcast March 25, 2003.
No releases available.

The Klaxons - Four Horsemen of 2012 [2007]
Album: Myths of the Near Future
Buy the album here.

The Particles - The Trumpet Song (live) [1982]
JJJ FM Australia Radio Session
No releases available, but you can download it below on this website.

Waterfowl Habitat - Vegetable Mountain [2007]
Their myspace.

Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It [2007]
Album: Our Ill Wills
Buy the album here.

O.V. Wright - Everybody Knows (The River Song) [1965]
Compilation: Down & Out: The Sad Soul of the Black South
Buy the comp here.

Heaven 17 - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [1981]
Album: Penthouse and Pavement
Buy the album here.

Direct download: TheYankSizzler029.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:17am CDT

A short but ever so sweet aural tonic.

John Zorn - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly [1987]
Album: Filmworks 1986-1990
Buy the album here.

Grinderman - Honey Bee [2007]
Album: S/T
Buy the album here.

Virgil Griffin & Rhythm Kings - Forgotten Lover
Compilation: Down & Out: The Sad Soul of the Black South
Buy the album here.

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk [2007]
7" Single
Buy it here.

The Who - The Ox [1965]
Album: My Generation
Buy the album here.

Deep Turtle - Toothpaste Tastebred [1994]
Recorded live John Peel Session Oct. 9th, 1994.
EP: The John Peel Sessions
EP is OOP.
But their other recordings are here.

Mono in VCF - Escape City Scrapers [2007]
Their Website.

The Particles - Apricot's Dream [1979]
EP: Colour In
Reissued: V-A: Can't Stop It (Australian Post Punk)
Buy the album here.

Pisstank - untitled demo recording [2007]
His myspace.

Direct download: TheYankSizzler028.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:42am CDT

Well just about everyone is releasing an album right now, so let's see what they got? Brand new material from Arthur and Yu, Spoon, Gogol Bordello, and Chow Nasty. Plus more recent tracks from Battles, Melt Banana, Coat Party and much more.

Dig in. I insist.


Chow Nasty - Ungawa [2007]
Album: Super (Electrical) Recordings
Buy the album here.

Arthur & Yu - Absurd Heroes Manifestos [2007]
Album: In Camera
Buy the album here.

Black Lips - Dawn of the Age of Tomorrow [2004]
Album: We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow
Buy the album here.

Coat Party - Burn the House Down [2007]
Demo Recording
Their Myspace

Bong Ra - Kick Out the Jams [2002]
Recorded Feb. 21st, 2002, John Peel Session.
12" Vinyl Release - Out of Print.
Available for Download.
BBC Info.

Battles - Atlas [2007]
Album: Mirrored
Buy the album here.

Matt & Kim - Grand [2006]
Album: S/T
Buy the album here.

The Screamers - The Beat Goes On [1977]
Demo Recording.
Available on many bootleg records.

Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta [2007]
Album: Super Taranta
Buy the album here.

Marion Black - Who Knows [1970]
Re-released: Eccentric Soul - The Capsoul Label
Buy the album here.

Spoon - The Underdog [2007]
Album: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Buy the album here.

Melt Banana - Lock the Head [2007]
Album: Bambi's Dilemma
Buy the album here.

Subway - Persuasion / Soundhack - B1 [2007]
Album: V/A - Hot Chip Presents DJ Kicks
Buy the album here.

Hot Chip - (Just Like We) Breakdown [live 2006]
Recorded June 17th, 2006 Sonar Festival, Barcelona.
No official releases.

Direct download: TheYankSizzler027.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:16am CDT

Dear everybody, I declare this episode christened by the gnomes of completion. Don't anger them by not listening to the best in golden era screen divas, gypsy punk, dubster punk, blues, African highlife, rock, and alternative. Cheers!

The playlist -

Diana Dors - So Little Time [1964]
Fontana Single
Rereleased: V-A: Morrissey: Under the Influence
Buy it here.

Gogol Bordello - Not A Crime [2005]
Album: Gypsy Punks
Buy it here.

Basement 5 - Heavy Traffic [1980]
Album: 1965-1980
Buy it here.

Katja Khudolej - Katja [2002]
Compilation: Toxic Girls: Nightmare for (12) Unlucky Boystars
Out of Print

Grinderman - Love Bomb [2007]
Album: S/T
Buy it here.

Alhaji K. Frimpong - Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu! [199?]
Album: Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu!
Out of Print
But the great blog AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA is hosting the full album for download.

The Shackeltons - Your Movement [2007]
Album: Red Album
Buy it here.

Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia - Blind Spot/Invisible Bend
Recorded live John Peel Session June 17th, 2001.
No commercial release available.

Blood on the Wall - I Feel Better Now [2004]
Compilation: V - A: They Keep Me Smiling
Buy it here.

The Krunchies - Lost Confused [2006]
Album: In de Winkel
Buy it here.

Cat-Iron - O, The Blood Done Signed My Name [1958]
Album: Cat-Iron Sings Blues and Hymns 
Buy it here.

Suzanne Vega - Stay Awake [1988]
Compilation: Stay Awake
Buy it here.

Direct download: TYS026.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:20pm CDT

Song List -

- Hate the Police [1995]
Recorded live Aug. 27th, 1995 Reading Festival.
Broadcast John Peel show.
Album: Here Comes Sickness - The Best of the BBC
Buy the Album Here.

Patrick Wolf - Overture [2007]
Album: The Magic Position
Buy the Album Here.

Johnny Fortune - Dragster [1964]
Single: Sonet 7"
Out of Print

Grindhouse Theme [2007]
Album: Grindhouse Planet Terror OST
Buy the Album Here.

Eddie Beram - Riot in Thunder Alley [1967]
Rereleased: Death Proof OST
Buy the Album Here.

Delta Spirit - Crippler King [2007]
EP: I Think I've Found It
Buy the Album Here.

Brakes - Porcupine Or Pineapple [2006]
Album: The Beatific Visions
Buy the Album Here.

Altered Images - Dead Pop Stars [1981]
7" Single Epic Records
Rereleased: I Could've Been Happy: The Best of Altered Images
Buy the Album Here.

Lloyd's All-Stars - Dread Dub (It Dread Out Deh Version) [19??]
Trojan Single
Rereleased V-A Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller
Buy the Album Here.

The Spook Lights - Teenage Maniac [2007]
Compilation: KJHK Presents Farm Fresh Sounds
Available for download here.
Their Myspace Page.

Otis Rush - Double Trouble [1958]
Essential Collection: The Classic Cobra Recordings 1956-1958
Buy the album here.

Yo La Tengo - Rocket No. 9 [1997]
7" Single Matador
Out of Print

Sweet Emma & Her Preservation Hall Jazz Band
- A Closer Walk with Thee [1964]
Album: S/T
Buy the album here.
Direct download: TYS025.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:56am CDT