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This podcast series & blog is inspired by the life of John Peel (1939-2004).

John reached millions of people around the world with his 40 plus years of broadcasting that was carried on the BBC, BBC World Service and countless subscribing radio stations the globe over. You could hear Peel everywhere from mainland Europe, India, Africa to the USA and of course all over the British Isles.

You'll be able to listen to everything great I get my hands on, from studio tracks, private live recordings, online only exclusives to forgotten vinyl gems.

The point is to allow people to listen to great music regardless of commercial intent. Peelie was too modest to want a show dedicated to him. It's always about the music. So from Lawrence, KS to everywhere we can possibly reach, let us remember what it's like to play music without boundaries and restrictions.

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Also, if you have the P2P program Soulseek and wish to grab/share/offer John Peel material with me. I have two accounts, a primary account under "stoecker" and a secondary account under "michstoecker". Right now I probably have about 500 hours of Peel recordings that I'm sharing with everyone.
That said, you can not be abusive and try to dl everything.


Film and Video Production.

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Category:general -- posted at: 4:01pm CDT

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 33 MP3 HERE (160kbps 95mb)

Thee Oh Sees - Ruby Go Home [2009]
Album: Help [In The Red Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

The Dutchess & The Duke - When You Leave My Arms [2009]
Album: Sunrise/Sunset [Hardly Art]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Monta At Odds - Faith [2008]
Album: Gringo [MontaMusic Records]
Website - Buy Ithe Here

A Place To Bury Strangers - Deadbeat [2009]
Album: Exploding Head [Mute Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home [2009]
Album: Up From Below [Vagrant Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

The Presidents - Which Way [197x]
Deluxe 7"
Reissued: V/A - Crash Of Thunder (Rare Funk & Soul From The King Labels) [Vampi Soul]
Buy It Here.

Thomas Function - Belly of the Beast [2009]
Album: In The Valley of Sickness [Fat Possum]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Dethbridge in Lethbridge [2009]
Album: Hometowns [Saddle Creek]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Johnny Flynn - Tickle Me Pink [2008]
Album: A Larum [Lost Highway Records]
His Website - Buy It Here.

The Kinetiks - Chemical Sunset [2009]
Album: Science Is Magic [Self Released]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Fuck Buttons - Space Mountain [2009]
Album: Tarot Sport [ATP Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Abner Jay - I'm So Depressed [19xx]
Mississippi 7" [MR-038]
Buy It Here.

The Perils - Hate [1966]
Velva 7" [7484]
V/A - Now Hear This! Garage & Beat From The Norman Petty Vaults
Buy It Here.

Ludus - (Pride Below The Navel) Vagina Gratitude [1982]
John Peel Session (Recorded August 4th, 1982)
No Commercial Release

Black Randy & The Metrosquad - San Francisco [1979]
Album: Pass The Dust, I Think I'm Bowie [Dangerhouse Records]
Reissued by Vinyl Countdown Records
Buy It Here.

Lykke Li - After Laughter (Comes Tears) [2009]
Rhino 7" Split with El Perro Del Mar
Her Website - Buy It Here

Baby Neal & The Smart Brothers - I've Got a Funny Feeling [1966]
Smart's Palace 7"
Reissued: V/A - Eccletic Soul: Smart's Palace [Numero Group]
Buy It Here.

Sunset - Sunshine Hair [2009]
Album: Gold Dissolves To Gray [Autobus Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Mi & L'au - Bingo [2009]
Album: Good Morning Jokers [Borne Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Surf City - Headin' Inside [2008]
EP: Surf City [Morr Music Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

Marvin - Noise Olympique [2009]
MP3 Release: V/A - Tribute To John Peel Volume 8
Download It Here. - Band Website.

Human Highway - All Day [2008]
Album: Moody Motorcycle [Suicide Squeeze Records]
Band Website - Buy It Here.

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Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:59pm CDT

Hey Everyone,

Its that time of year and the radio station I DJ for, Dandelion Radio, is holding their Festive 50 celebration. Stop by Dandelion Radio before December comes and vote for your 3 favorite tracks that came out in 2009. We'll tally the votes and the top 50 tunes get the countdown treatment and broadcast all to great fun and merriment.


Category:general -- posted at: 12:40pm CDT

Smart's Palace and Wichita's Shocker Soul!

My love of Chicago's Numero Group Label was fairly solidified before they went & found the secret Wichita, KS soul scene of the mid to late 60's. I live in Kansas and had never heard about the soul scene in Wichita until this release came out. It's a wonderful collection based around the Smart Brothers and the Neal Brothers and the Smart's Palace club and restaurant they ran and played in. There are some crazy good soul sides on this release, especially by Baby Neal & The Smart Brothers. The compilation also includes other related acts like Fred Williams & The Jewel Band & Theron & Darrell. The liner notes recount the Smart Brothers tearing up the club night after night, playing the sax behind their back, jumping from table to table and just plain belting out a lungful of soul.

Here's my 3 favorite cuts from Eccentric Soul: Smart's Palace. They'll put you on the floor.

Baby Neal & The Smart Brothers - I've Got a Funny Feeling (1966)

Baby Neal & The Smart Brothers - I'm Not Ashamed (1965)

Fred Williams & The Jewels Band - Tell Her (1969)

Buy this amazing album over at the Numero Group. I recommend the 2LP.

Category:Shared Music -- posted at: 10:54pm CDT

One intensely moving old 78rpm. Hey everyone,

So its been awhile since I uploaded anything. But forget that and listen to this. Mississippi Records and Canary Records just released a vinyl only compilation called String of Pearls: A Collection of International 78's. On it is an 1946 release by Shalom Katz entitled Eil Malei Rachmim. It's breathtakingly powerful. According to the liner notes, Shalom was a Holocaust survivor and had been slated for execution. While digging his own grave, he supposedly sang this song and it stirred the guards so much that they postponed his execution. He was able to survive the war beyond that and emigrated to the USA following the war.

I know old 78rpm Jewish folk tunes are not the rage these days, but you have to hear this.

Shalom Katz - Eil Malei Rachmim [1946]
Category:Shared Music -- posted at: 5:24pm CDT

UPDATE: Smeg Pole from The Scrotum Poles has asked me to pull down a couple of these songs. I hope to continue sharing the rest and will update again in a few days.

The Scrotum Poles were a punk band from Dundee, Scotland and they had one real release, a 5 song EP called Revelation that came out in 1980 and its just about perfect.

Check it out here - [Closed Link] The Scrotum Poles - Revelation EP

1. Why Don't You Come Out Tonight?
2. Night Train
3. Pick The Cat's Eyes Out
4. Helicopter Honeymoon
5. Radio Tay

Its about as simple and wonderful as pop-punk can get at that time period.

Category:Shared Music -- posted at: 3:03pm CDT

Thomas Function make me happy. Hey everyone,

I caught Alabama band, Thomas Function, the other night at the Replay Lounge here in Lawrence and had a blast. They have a relatively new 7" out on Fat Possum Records called Belly of the Beast. Its a wonderful little pop diddy that reminds me of older perfected Poster Children. Check it out.

They also just started a very long European tour and I'm sure they'd love you to come out to a show if you live on that side of the pond.

Thomas Function - Belly of the Beast (MP3)
Category:Shared Music -- posted at: 10:21pm CDT

It's Time for a Little Religion, or Hell, a Lotta Religion I've completely fallen in love with older gospel from the post war period that more or less is categorized as sanctified blues and soul and this love stems entirely from discovering the gospel compilations on Mississippi Records. MR only does vinyl and is a current obsession of mine.

Now last year, they released the LP, Life Is a Problem and I flipped my lid over it. It was probably my favorite release of all last year.

And here's why -
The Crumb Brothers - Seat In the Kingdom [MP3]
(This song is unf__king-believable. The lead vocalist is a 10yr old boy named Sugar and he will devastate you)

Other stand outs on the LP included

Elder Charles Beck - Rock & Roll Sermon 1 & 2 [MP3]
Rev. Lonnie Farris - A Night in the House Of Prayer [MP3]
Tom Dutson - Lil' School Song [MP3]
and for a very limited 1st Pressing, MR included a 7" Bonus with the LP that was
George 'Bongo' Coleman - This Old World is in a Terrible Condition [MP3]

THEN THIS YEAR, MR put out a followup LP, Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always. And it was just as mind-blowingly wonderful as the 1st LP. This music will make you feel unlike anything else.

Mosby Family Singers - Eternal Life [MP3]
Laura Rivers - That's Alright [MP3]
James Carter & The Mighty Stars - You Don't Know [MP3]
Silver Quintette - Sinner's Crossroads [MP3]

Even if you've never enjoyed gospel, please give this music a listen. It's so worth it and next week I'll upload that awesome face-melting grindcore I've been listening to.
Category:Shared Music -- posted at: 11:09pm CDT

Black Christmas for the holidays Hey everybody,

Thought I'd pop on real quick at Xmas time with a treat for you.

Black Christmas
are a wonderful instrumental rock band from Lawrence, KS and they have a new album called "By Way of Decay" thats splendid in every genuine way. I recommend the warm sound of it on vinyl. Here's a cut from the A side for you entitled The Black Heva.

Black Christmas - The Black Heva (192 kbps MP3)

RIYL: Mogwai, GYBE, Bardo Pond.

Contact them to grab a copy before it's gone.

Black Christmas Myspace.
Category:Shared Music -- posted at: 9:37am CDT

Jimmy Murphy - We Live a Long, Long Time [1951]
78rpm RCA Victor
Reissued: Sixteen Tons of Rock & Roll
Buy it Here.

{{{Sunset}}} - Dear Friend (Falling Domino) [2008]
Album: The Glowing City
Buy it Here.

Negativland - Perfect Scrambled Eggs [1987]
Compilation: Potatoes: Folk Songs From Ralph Records
Out of Print.

CPC Gangbangs - Teenage Crimewave [2007]
Album: Mutilation Nation
Buy it Here.

Anandji & Kalyanji Shah - Ganges a Go-Go [1999]
Compiled and remixed by Dan the Automator & DJ Shadow
Album: Bombay the Hard Way
Buy it here.

Alton Ellis & The Flames - Dance Crasher [1966]
Treasure Isle 7"
Reissued: Be True to Yourself: The Early Years
Buy it here.

The Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal [2008]
Album: S/T
Buy it Here.

Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause - Man in Love [2008]
Album: The Rustic Contemporary Sounds of ...
Buy it Here.

The Crumb Brothers - Seat in the Kingdom [19??]
Compilaton LP: Life is a Problem
Buy it Here.

Portishead - Deep Water [2008]
Album: Third
Buy it Here.

Abe Vigoda - Endless Sleeper [2008]
Album: Skeleton
Buy it Here.

Fallen World - Color Coded System (Epsilon Remix) [2007]
12" Epsilon/Maladroit "Dance Like You´re Spelling Gurdjieff"
Buy it Here.

Genghis Tron - Endless Teeth [2008]
Album: Board Up the House
Buy it here.

The Evil - I'm Movin' On [1966]
7" Norton Split w/ The Montells
Buy it Here.

Santogold vs Diplo - The Guns of Brooklyn [2008]
/ The Dixie Cups - Iko Iko (Diplo remix)
Album: Top Ranking Santogold - A Diplo Dub
Buy it Here.

Giant Sand - The Desperate Kingdom of Love [2008]
Album: proVISIONS
Buy it Here.

The Wilders - Someone's Got To Pay [2008]
Album: Someone's Got To Pay
Buy it Here.

Dion McGregor - The Great Waltz Party [1964]
Album: Dion McGregor Dreams Again
Buy it Here.

Pissed Jeans - I'm Turning Now [2007]
Album: Hope For Men
Buy it Here.

The French - Punk Rock's Going To Die [2003]
Recorded July 3, 2003 John Peel Session
No Commercial Release Available

Tom Dutson - Lil' School Song [195?]
Compilation LP: Life is a Problem
Buy it Here.

Alton Ellis & Eddy Perkins - We're Going Rollin' [196?]
Reissued: Nuclear Weapon: Duke Reid The Trojan
Buy it here.

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